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Wick the Black Catta by CreshendoCanine
Wick the Black Catta
So my first Catta Picture here!
Sorry for disappearing for so long... I'll try to keep in touch with you, but anyway...

Name: Wick Spook Catta
Age: 14
Sex/Gender: Female
Species: Catta
Likes: Halloween, Cats, Vampires, Werewolves, Full Moons.
Dislikes: Being treated as something of "Bad luck", spell failures.
Rivals: Jingle North Puplica Clause, and Jessibelle St. Valentine Doggin
Facts: She is able to use magic fairly well, but is still in training as a holiday creature assistant.

Catta Facts!!!: Cattas are vary similar to Doggins, but instead of Bat-like wings being rare, it is the white feathers that are rare. They can change between Humanoid and Catta form, but their Tails remain visible at all times.

Cattas and Doggins are mine!
Danica(Daffodile’s mother:                                                                          Sonike:

Sweet child,                                                                                                      Sister,
Violet Fur.                                                                                                         I’m sorry.
I do hope,                                                                                                          For all the things,
To see you soon.                                                                                              I have said.
Sweet one,                                                                                                        Why was,
Drift to sleep.                                                                                                   Fate this way?
And may your dreams,                                                                                   So that it had to,
Soon meet your keep.                                                                                    Take you away.

As the night comes,                                                                                       As you close your eyes,
And The moon rises.                                                                                      And the sun does rise.
I will still be here,                                                                                           I must remain here,
Waiting for you.                                                                                             Till my time does come.
I will forever,                                                                                                   I never told you,
Love you again.                                                                                               I do love you
Only if you agree,                                                                                           But now I will never get
To be best of friends…                                                                                   The chance again…

Sweet Dog,                                                                                                       Sister,
Wings of black.                                                                                                Pleas don’t go.
Type of dark,                                                                                                    I have so many,
And purple eyes.                                                                                             Things I must show.
May this song,                                                                                                 I hope you,
Reach you soon.                                                                                              Have this peace.
And ease your sleep,                                                                                      As you now do drift,
As dreams touch you soon.                                                                           In an endless sleep.

Sweet child,                                                                                                      Sister,
Violet fur.                                                                                                          I’m sorry.
I hope to meet up,                                                                                           I do wish,
With you once again.                                                                                      Again we will meet.
May my song.                                                                                                   May this song,
Reach you soon,                                                                                               Ease your pain.
As this journey ends,                                                                                      And as you go on,
I’ll always love you…                                                                                       I will still love you…

As this journey ends,                                                                                      As you go on,
I’ll always love you…                                                                                       I will still love you…
Daffodile's Lullaby or Sonike's Goodbye
Daffodile's lullaby sung by her mother, and Sonike's goodbye song sung by Sonike.

I will post an instrumental once I create one on piano.

All characters and this song are mine!
Puplica Weapons: Blade type by CreshendoCanine
Puplica Weapons: Blade type
Five Puplica weapons, used by five different types.

1: Midnight's Moon Scythe. Is able to cut through Cattattacker hide as if it were just butter.

2: Kiyzoid's Sword Yanairia. Though it is twice his size, he controls it as if it were only a kitchen steak knife.

3: Smartet's Ghost Chainsaw. The blade moves so fast that in order to see it you would need to slow time by almost 25%.

5: Pixie's Fairy Sickle. Her accuracy is so great that she is able to trap someone by throwing the weapon at them without harming them.

6: Ruffian J's Nightmare Dagger: Though he has only one, he is able to summon as many as 20 at once with just one dagger with him.
Masquerade Ref by CreshendoCanine
Masquerade Ref
Name: Masquerade
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Mask Color: White
Paint?: Yes, Grey tears
Cracks?: Yes.
Dents?: None
Likes: Power, her palace, painting, the wind.
Dislikes: Hatred, sadness.
Past: She is the ruler over the Masquerade Kitsunes, living in a palace similar to a Japanese temple.
How they got their mask: She got her mask when she first found the palace, putting it on and allowing it to fuse with herself.
Kitsune Masquerade Breeding Meme by CreshendoCanine
Kitsune Masquerade Breeding Meme
Breeding meme for any kind of Couple~!

Male x Male
Female x Male
Female x Female

Species is mine.
Doing commissions now.


Lineart: 5 :points:
Colors: 10 :points: (12 if shading is wanted)
background: 15 :points: (detailed is 20)

I will do only 5 at a time so watch for the next journal if all are filled.

1: Slitherbot

2: Vampyre-Fox50115                





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