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Yeah! These are my artworks!



Rainy Bow x Carver breedable finished by CreshendoCanine
Rainy Bow x Carver breedable finished
Carver belongs to:…

Rainy Bow is mine.

The fillies and colts here are going to be for sale after KittyKatPurrrr5 Has chosen their foal.

So if you want one:

Female 1: 5:points:
Female 2: CLOSED
Male 1: 5:points:
Male 2: 5:points:

Foal Base:…

Back to the breedable…
Rainy Bow and Neon Lights breedables by CreshendoCanine
Rainy Bow and Neon Lights breedables

Here is a breedable I made for two of my Alicorn oc’s~

Rainy Bow and Neon Lights! I will have slots open for the positions that I am accepting below:

Rainy Bow
Earth: OPEN
Unicorn: Closed
Pegasus: OPEN
Alicorn: OPEN

Earth: OPEN
Unicorn: OPEN
Pegasus: Closed
Alicorn: OPEN

Neon Lights
Earth: OPEN
Unicorn: OPEN
Pegasus: OPEN
Alicorn: OPEN

Earth: OPEN
Unicorn: OPEN
Pegasus: OPEN
Alicorn: OPEN
If there is anyone who wants to breed their pony with either Rainy or Neon after the slots are filled, then they will be 5:points: each.
I will do up to 4 foals each, and 1:points: for each additional foal.

Base used:

Sunstone by CreshendoCanine
Name: Sunstone/Sun
Identifies as: Female
Gem(s): Forehead
Weapon: Ball and chain
Homeworld: Yes
Fusion?: Nope
Personality: Calm, gentle, graceful
Partners: (Green/Red) Bloodstone, (Blue) Moonstone, and (Blue) Hawk's eye
Serves(served) under: Yellow Diamond(Now White Diamond)
Facts: Sunstone used to serve under the Yellow Diamond, but after a bit of an incident, she switched sides to join White Diamond.
Her main fusion partner is Moonstone, together they are Zoisite
Puplica’s/ 7 Year Anniversary~!

7 Years ago was when I made Shea,
That’s where the journey began.
Within a month or so, I think,
There was Sonike, and B-dog, and even Fang!
Over the years, this family grew and grew!
When 6 more pups had joined the crew!

Shiver and Smartet, Midnight, Soil, Spike and Wing.
With all these new types, I knew I had a thing~
Then along came Smarty, Splash and Buzzer,
These pups were sure something,
My mind almost hovered.

Coming up to date, I had to find order,
So the age groups were made, and each with a border.
Midnight and Fang, Sahsha (A new pup),
Smartet and Spike, B-dog and Wing!
Things were shaping up, but I had a long way to go.
As long as I still drew, I had so much to show!

Then I did realize, “There should be groups!”
And thus it was decided that more should be produced!
The Night trio as stated, will go out with a bang,
The members and Midnight, Smartet and Fang.
The great fighters trio, they to work and play,
The three of them are: Hope, Sonike and Shea~
Triplets is key, even with troublemakers,
Gentle Wing, and Splash, though rambunctious B-dog…
Two unlikely members are to give you a jump,
Smarty and Sahsha, without any doubt!
Three strong males are next!
Each having a soft spot for the other~
Meet, Spike, Crusher and Soil, three crazy brothers.
Though they seem shy, don’t let looks fool you;
Zap, Venome and Buzzer, their power will end you.
And the last for are the smallest, the youngest of all,
Shiver, Simon, Kiyzoid, Pixie, their love is their call.

So those are the main pups,
I’ll let you digest.
I know that you’re thinking:
“Just give it a rest!”
But there are still five more,
Don’t worry they are the last!
Luna, a dragon, one of only two,
Having brawled with Midnight,
Things ended quite blue.
Ruffian J. and Daffodile J.
The two darkest siblings,
Sonike J and Shea J,
Were fuming and growling.
Jingle loves Christmas!
He certainly does~
Prancing, playing and dashing,
What else could he love?
And finally Prince Rainy,
The royal rainbow blood.
Though he’s still far from perfect,
But with colors, he does.

That’s every Puplica that I have mentioned,
Though there are still more that I could.
I will save the attention.
Alas 7 years, marks now the day,
When all 25 pups, were one by one made.
As one chapter ends, another begins.
I love every one character,
And alas, it is fin…
Puplicas 7 Years
An early poem for my Puplica's 7 years~
Their true anniversary is gonna be on the 27th

The puplicas are MINE
Shiverbird was frantic, looking around her clan trying to find herbs to help her suffering clan mates. It was fairly difficult for her to find some of the needed herbs, letting out a small growl, “Why? Why couldn’t there have been more catmint? My clan is suffering, and they need it!” the female spoke to herself, mewling worriedly.

Even though she was not able to find as much catmint as she would have liked, Shiverbird was more than relieved when she found Feverfew flowers, letting out a sigh as she gathered them. “Hmm… I still have a few of these back at my den… I should give these to the other clans, they need help as well… I must stick to the code and help them.” The grey cat stated, taking as many of the herbs as she could and headed towards BlitzClan’s territory.
Activity Check-Gathering Herbs
Shiverbird has to gather herbs for her clan, having more than enough at this point, she goes to give to the other clans, hoping to assist in any way.

Contest Time!!!

So for the contest, it will be on one of two things, a first prize for each!

Contest 1: Design a group Icon for Megaman-TruthorDare!!

The group needs to be noticed people, we can do this!

Winner of the Icon contest will win a drawn scene, whether it be behind the scenes or during recording
A spot as a co-founder
As well as 75:points:

Contest 2: A cover for the current season of MMToD:TSFN!

We need some pizzazz to the current style!

Winner will win a spot as a co-founder
And 75:points:

I’m starting out small with prizes for the moment, deadline will be February 5
Good Luck! And remember to Comment and fave!

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