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Yeah! These are my artworks!



Shiverbird was frantic, looking around her clan trying to find herbs to help her suffering clan mates. It was fairly difficult for her to find some of the needed herbs, letting out a small growl, “Why? Why couldn’t there have been more catmint? My clan is suffering, and they need it!” the female spoke to herself, mewling worriedly.

Even though she was not able to find as much catmint as she would have liked, Shiverbird was more than relieved when she found Feverfew flowers, letting out a sigh as she gathered them. “Hmm… I still have a few of these back at my den… I should give these to the other clans, they need help as well… I must stick to the code and help them.” The grey cat stated, taking as many of the herbs as she could and headed towards BlitzClan’s territory.
Activity Check-Gathering Herbs
Shiverbird has to gather herbs for her clan, having more than enough at this point, she goes to give to the other clans, hoping to assist in any way.
Shiverbird by CreshendoCanine

Personal Information

Name: Shiverbird
Past Names: Shiverkit, Shiverpaw

Age: 7 moons
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Clan: RoseClan
Ranking: Medicine Cat
Scent: After a Rainfall
Voice: Soft, high-pitched, child-like


Physical Information


Breed: Gray Himalayan

Fur Length: Long
Fur Texture: Soft and silky
Build: Small, not muscular.
Claw Type: Short and smooth

Weight: 8.55 lbs
Height: 8 inches

Disabilities/Scars: None
Diseases: None



Theme Song(s):

Positive Traits 

Bullet; Green  Quick Learner] 

Bullet; Green  Smart ] 

Bullet; Green  Kind ] 

Bullet; Green  Selfless ] 

[ Bullet; Green Adventurous ]

[ Bullet; Green Swift ]

Neutral Traits 

 [Bullet; White Playful ] 

Bullet; White Curious ] 

Bullet; White Calm ] 

[ Bullet; White Alert ]

[ Bullet; White Willing ]

Negative Traits 

Bullet; Red  Chilldish ]

Bullet; Red  Skittish ]

Bullet; Red  Whiny ]

[Bullet; Red Shy ]

[Bullet; Red Quick to flee]

[ Bullet; Red Weak ]

        > Wanders around the edge of the camp at Sunhigh and Moonhigh
        > Chews her tail as a nervous habit
        > Twitches her ears often.




Likes: Sunlight, flowers, playing

Dislikes: Mud, bees, snakes

Favorite Weather: Clear and Sunny
Favorite Prey: Mice

Fears: Birds and foxes
necrophobia Fear of losing someone dear to you.

Annoyed From: “Goody-two-paws” and bugs in her fur.
Aesthetics: ?




Attack: 4/10

Stamina: 6/10
Endurance: 5/10

Speed: 5/10
Agility: 4/10
Strength: 1/10


Swimming: 3/10

Jumping: 3/10

Tracking: 1/10

Climbing: 6/10

Stealth: 2/10

Herbal knowledge: 7/10

Kitting knowledge: 3/10


Strategy: 3/10

Reaction Time: 6/10

Pain Tolerance: 4/10


Eyesight: 9/10

Scent: 9/10

Hearing: 8/10


Leadership: 2/10

Diplomacy: 3/10

Charisma: 3/10

Team-Work: 7/10

Belief in starclan: 10/10 



Kithood/Lonership: Shy, kept close to her mother a lot, often wandered around alone. ShiverPaw did try and make a few friends, but never really had any connections with the other kits, so she decided to be more of a loner, only really spending time with either her sister or her mother.
Apprenticeship: WIP


Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Bullet; Green Best Friend

 Bullet; White Looks up to
 Bullet; White Bullet; White Respect
 Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White Great Respect

 Bullet; Purple Likes (platonic)
 Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Loves (platonic)
 Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Like Family

 Bullet; Red Small Crush
 Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Crush
 Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Love

 Bullet; Yellow Distant Relative
 Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Relative
 Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Close Relative
  Bullet; Blue Nervous
  Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 
  Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Scared of

Bullet; Black
 Slight Annoyance
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black 
Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black 

  Little Pixel Heart   Mate
 small heart - black  Deceased Mate



Ashtail  Bullet; Blue 
"I'm not too sure what to think of her at the moment, seeing as we haven't met formally, but I was informed I could go to her for advice."







Cricketstar Bullet; Green Bullet; Green |  Bullet; White Bullet; White Bullet; White 
"He is an amazing leader, I'm certain that RoseClan couldn't ask for someone greater."

"They were my mentor, I deeply miss them, but I know that StarClan is taking care of him, thank you for everything."


Central Time Saskatchewan

RP Method

- Notes-X

- Comments-X

- Skype-X

- Chatrooms-X

RP View

- First Person

- Second Person X

- Third Person


ShiverPaw tilted her head curiously as she watched the butterfly on the grass blade, wondering what would happen if she got closer. Crouching down, the grey kitten slowly crept closer. Eventually pouncing at the insect, though unable to catch it.

Shiverpaw tossed and turned lightly as she slept, hoping that StarClan may soon speak to her, having no prevail yet. "Maybe I need to wait for moonhigh to approach?" she thought to herself, trying to ease her sleep.
A dream slowly started to appear to her, it was slightly hazy though. In her dream, she slowly started to walk, turning to look at her surroundings, she could have sworn that she was in a field of some sort, as well, it was fairly stary overhead. "Is this StarClan's territory?" she questioned, quickly noticing something out of the corner of her eye, moving to look at it. It seemed to be some sort of feather, fairly light, like a Chicken's, but somewhat closer to an Owl's. However, there were four flowers that surrounded them, Shiverpaw knew what these flowers were.

"Ripplebird..." the grey cat whispered, looking up to the sky, "StarClan... What is the message that you are trying to give me? I wish to know. Please." she pleaded to the stars, waiting for a responce. It felt like an eternity to her, even if it were only a few seconds. A shooting star  flew, almost pointing the way to where she were supposed to go.
Shiverpaw quickly followed the trail, ensuring that she would reach it before she lost track of it. Once she started to slow, she noticed that it was leading to  a tree. "I wonder..." Shiverpaw moved to climb the tree, holding on as tight as her claws could, pulling her body up.

When the grey cat reacher the branch indicated, she noticed more feathers within a nest, tilting her head curiously. Shiverpaw slowly made her way over to the nest to get a closer look at the feathers. Almost instantly, she noticed that they were in the same color of her pelt, blinking a couple of times.
Turning to the stars, she opened her mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by a chirping, looking back down to the nest, seeing a small bird sitting in it, it's own feathers matching the ones in the nest. It was then when Shiverpaw realized what message StarClan was trying to give her, turning back to the stars and meowing a thanks to them.

Slowly regaining conciousness, Shiverbird noticed that she was back at the waters edge where she had fallen asleep. Slowly getting up, she walked up to the water and looked at her reflection, turning back to the stars and bowing her head, "Thank you StarClan, thank you Ripplebird..." she whispered before making her way back to her camp.
From Shiverpaw to Shiverbird
Title and story says it all.
Shiverpaw's way to Star Lake by CreshendoCanine
Shiverpaw's way to Star Lake
Shiverpaw was nervous. It was only at sunhigh when she found out that her own mentor had passed onto StarClan and she was to be the new Medecine Cat. Taking a deep breath, she walked up to the shore and looked around, this wasn't the first time she had been to Star Lake, but this time, she was without Ripplebird. With a sigh, she began to pray and give thanks to StarClan, "StarClan, I am Shiverpaw... I know I may be fairly young still, but I know I will do as I can to help my clan, as well as those in need. Pleas take care of my mentor, for they have done so much for RoseClan, and I know that they are in safe paws." the small cat concluded and lied down, still  in some mourning over her mentor.

Shiverpaw is gonna need a Med. Cat name, but I can't decide... Can someone help with suggestions? <:3c

Contest Time!!!

So for the contest, it will be on one of two things, a first prize for each!

Contest 1: Design a group Icon for Megaman-TruthorDare!!

The group needs to be noticed people, we can do this!

Winner of the Icon contest will win a drawn scene, whether it be behind the scenes or during recording
A spot as a co-founder
As well as 75:points:

Contest 2: A cover for the current season of MMToD:TSFN!

We need some pizzazz to the current style!

Winner will win a spot as a co-founder
And 75:points:

I’m starting out small with prizes for the moment, deadline will be February 5
Good Luck! And remember to Comment and fave!

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