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I need sleep but... NGH!!! FANFICTION!!!
Shea J vs Hope Twin Turf War by CreshendoCanine
Shea J vs Hope Twin Turf War
After playing Splatoon recently, I have found that it is amazing!!! I freaking love the stuff in it!

In this little pic, Shea J. and Hope are having a bit of a showdown while Sonike J. and Kiyzoid are hiding behind a wall, Kiyzoid suffering more than his brother. When the Pupp siblings are in a fight, they can go on for hours on end.

Puplicas(c) me
Splatoon(c) Nintendo
Chapter 2

Mission 1 and The Strange Leader

Summary:  It’s Bob’s first day being the leader of the BCLP, things are going well, that is, until they meet a friend of Bob's.

Bob snored lightly, lying in his bed fast asleep. Today was going to be his first day being a part of the BCLP, though he needed to get up first and get ready to start… Carbs yawned lightly, walking past Bob’s room, pausing for a moment and peeking his head.
“Bob? You awake?” Carbs tilted his head and took his goggles off, walking in and poking the teen’s leg, causing him to kick lightly. “Oh boy…” the blonde ran out of the room, coming back a second later with an air horn, plugging his ears and pressing down.

The raven haired teen screamed and fell out of his bed, looking up at Carbs with wide eyes, “Dude what the hell!?” he grit his teeth and stood up, glaring at the smaller male, “You have a lot of nerve doing that you know!!!”
Carbs just shrugged and looked up at him, “Today is your first day on the job as leader, and it was time to get up anyway, we have to patrol the city, then you have to go to school.” he explained and left so that Bob could get ready, pausing in time just to hear him groan and hit his head against the wall.

Bob wasn’t too impressed with the fact that he was to wake up way earlier than usual. Looking at his clock to see that it was 4:00 in the morning. “Why did I agree to this… Oh right… Mayor Oxygen…” he grumbled something to himself before going to get dressed, putting his cape on once he was. The teen exited his room and looked around for a moment, wondering what the others were doing, noticing that the other three were already in uniform.
“Well look who finally decided to get up.” Protein was the first one to comment, crossing his arms and giving the male a stern look, “You were supposed to be up half an hour ago.”
“H-half an hour!? That’s 3:30 in the morning!!!” Bob nearly screamed out, almost tempted to punch the other, but seeing as he didn’t know what the taller man was capable of, he decided to let off on it for a while.

“Alright, so we are going to need to do our rounds, I shall take the north part.” The green clad man stated, soon turning to Carbs, “Carbohydrates, you can take the east.”
The blonde grinned and gave a salute, “You can count on me! I’ll be back before you can say ‘Caddie is a bullet!’” he chuckled before running out of the room.
“Lipids, if you could take the west.” Protein looked over to the pink haired female.
“You will be able to count on me!” Lipids giggled before heading to the garage area.
The brunette soon looked down at Bob, “That leaves south for you… Don’t fail us…” he huffed, following Lipids to the garage, leaving the teen alone.


“Man, first day on the job and this is what I get? This is lame…” Bob started, riding on his skateboard in order to get from place to place faster, “And what’s with Pro to give the orders? I’m the leader, not him!” he growled under his breath. The south side of the city was pretty close to the hill, so if Bob ran into trouble he could just run home, but that didn’t mean that it was the safest side to be, especially before the sun rose.
“Hey, you.” Bob spun around, shocked to hear someone call his name, “Yeah, you…”
“Hello? Is someone there?” the raven haired male looked around for the source of the voice, “Come on… This is Bob, leader of the BCLP! Come up before I come in there after you!” The teen was almost shaking out of his skin, wrapping his cape around him slightly to protect himself.

The voice soon gave a chuckle, stepping out of the shadows to reveal a navy haired teen, about a year older than Bob, shaking his head, “You? A leader? Please Bob, don’t make me laugh…”
It was in that moment that the raven haired teen remembered who that was, his eyes widening, “N-No way… Steve?... But I thought-”
“That I was kicked out of my family? Yes… But that is the past, now I am not only my own boss, but a leader myself…” Steve explained, smirking as he brushed his hair away so he could see better, “I am the leader of the DETS, the one who plans to bring this pathetic city to its knees.”

Bob grit his teeth and charged at the other male, having his hand balled into a fist, aiming to punch him in the jaw. Steve just stepped out of the way and grabbed the other’s arm, slamming him to the ground and stepping on his back, laughing out at the teen’s attempt.
“You are an idiot, you actually think that you can beat me?” the blue haired male stated, pressing down a bit harder, causing the boy to groan out, “You were never valued as a person, your parents abandoned you and left you for dead, you are just ‘poor little orphan Bob’.”
“Hold it there!” Steve grit his teeth and looked up to see the three members of Bob’s team near by, at ready to attack, “Let. Go. Of. Him…” Protein glared over his glasses, trying his best not to lose patience.

Steve looked at the three of him, not letting go of the raven for a bit, feeling him squirm beneath his foot, “Oh sure, sure, you can have him back, heh, I was only trying to reason with him.” he stepped off of Bob and picked him up by his shirt, throwing him in the other team’s direction, “Pretty impressive team you got… But how impressive will they be compared to mine?”
“Wait… What?” Carbs looked up at Lipids, then back to Steve with a ready stance, “Oh yeah! Come on then!!!”

“Oh. You will see them soon enough shrimp.” The bluenette chuckled, eventually turning to their leader, “And Bob, don’t even think about trying to look for me, I have informates, and they won’t hesitate to kill at command.” Steve nearly hissed at the last statement, turning around and leaving the way that he came.
Bob stared in the direction that his former friend had left, somewhat in disbelief. If Steven was part of a different team, why would he want to bring the city to its knees? The raven haired male moved to place a hand on his head, wincing lightly and pulling back, noticing blood on his fingers.
“Bob!” Lipids quickly moved to check the teen’s head, “Your hurt. Come on, we should really get you home… You need some more rest before you before you go to school.” the female commented, helping him stand and tried to give an honest smile.

Bob reluctantly nodded, looking at the ground and sighing. ‘If I was only stronger… I am so sorry guys...’ the raven grit his teeth lightly, thinking about other ways the event could have gone if the other members of the BCLP didn’t show. At the moment, he was just glad to be alive, leaning on Protein and Lipids in order to keep his balance, a friend and schoolmate was lost that day, and an enemy was gained.
Chapter 2
The BCLP Belongs to me.

Contest Time!!!

So for the contest, it will be on one of two things, a first prize for each!

Contest 1: Design a group Icon for Megaman-TruthorDare!!

The group needs to be noticed people, we can do this!

Winner of the Icon contest will win a drawn scene, whether it be behind the scenes or during recording
A spot as a co-founder
As well as 75:points:

Contest 2: A cover for the current season of MMToD:TSFN!

We need some pizzazz to the current style!

Winner will win a spot as a co-founder
And 75:points:

I’m starting out small with prizes for the moment, deadline will be February 5
Good Luck! And remember to Comment and fave!

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